WE AfriHug is a volunteer project carried out by 5 passionate young activists from Greece, Italy and Cyprus. It aims to strengthen and/or create links between African and European universities also through non-formal education activities, promoting the Erasmus+ programme.

The main objectives are:

  1. Through non-formal education increase the “21st-century skills” of young people
  2. Raise awareness about opportunities for study in Europe through the Erasmus+ programme
  3. Carry out sporting challenges
  4. Conduct academic research for a Master thesis entitled “Educational Tourism: academic mobility as a motivation for travelling abroad. Case studies: WE AfriHug Project in Africa promoting Erasmus+ opportunities”.

The project is divided into 7 parts, including 3 sports enterprises, different training activities in high schools and universities, and academic research on the impact of volunteer tourism in local communities. It will take place from the East to the West of the African continent, from January 1, 2018, until July 31, 2018, touching 6 countries: Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Togo, Western Sahara and Ghana. The sports that will be realized are: hiking on Mount Kilimanjaro to its summit, a bike trip in Togo from Lomé to atakpamé, and participating in the Western Sahara Marathon.

Through seminars and non-formal education activities and workshops, we will work with students from high schools and universities.
In collaboration with local universities and NGOs with years of experience in the area, we will carry out training sessions to motivate and involve students in the Erasmus+ programme. We will explain to them how to access this programme and be able to participate actively: our mission is to explain to them how to be involved and involved. We will provide them with useful material through interactive presentations.

To know better: www.weafrihug.com