Training meetings with students with the aim of stimulating reflection and critical thinking on some topics which we consider fundamental to be flanked within a growth process.
We believe, in fact, that we can find a way out of topical issues such as youth activism, active citizenship, European citizenship, especially if understood as an opportunity formally recognized by Europe as a tool for structuring also from a curricular and working point of view, is essential for the young in order to contextualize themselves in modern society.

For 6 years now, the IPA Association has always been committed to organizing recreational but also formative meetings ranging between art, culture, moments of encounter and debate, driven by the belief that only a healthy confrontation can lead to evolution as an individual and reflection as a community.
We have always believed that training does not only mean obtaining information about something but also engaging in an environment conducive to the development of new skills or interests in order to grow better.

In order to realize these activities, we have chosen two possible modalities.

  1. A meeting of non-formal education with young people who, as protagonists, will put themselves to the test in dynamic activities on topics such as youth activism, active citizenship, European citizenship. 
  2. Meeting to raise awareness and debate on youth activism, active citizenship and European citizenship. Direct testimony of young people who have chosen to take this path.