The Io Per l’Altro Association was founded between December 2013 and January of the following year. Initially, it took care of a community of orphans in a Togolese village: Avedje. After a few months, through the commitment of volunteers, it managed to open a youth centre in Ostia (Rome).
The first associative directive was composed of MarcoValerio Battaglia, Endrit Dodaj and Antonino Costanza who were also the founders.
In the second directive, Antonino was replaced by Claudia Cirilli.
The third board consists of: MarcoValerio Battaglia, Endrit Dodaj and Riccardo Pilato.

The association is non-profit-making and pursues exclusively aims of social solidarity operating in a specific way, with voluntary services in the following areas of intervention:

1) Work for the promotion and defence of human rights;
2) Health, recreational, cultural and economic care at the global and local level;
3) Promote initiatives in favour of older people;
4) To help alleviate the suffering of others by reaching the sick in hospitals, other places of refuge and in their homes, carrying out activities complementary to that of the health-care staff without replacing them and without subverting their roles;
5) Provide, in the event of natural disasters or disasters caused by man, economic, recreational health support and as much as possible in relation to the capacity of the members.

The most important projects of the association to date are:

In the strategic plan of the activities 2019-2020 the following objectives instead are inserted:

  • activities against NEETs in the local area,
  • social inclusion projects,
  • training courses for young people,
  • training for trainers in Africa to disseminate good educational practices,
  • reconstruction of the primary school in Avedje.